Understanding Sleeve Gastrectomy’s Effects on Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Understanding Sleeve Gastrectomy's Effects on Pregnancy What You Need to Know

Sleeve gastrectomy and pregnancy are very important issues in terms of the process. Balancing the weight is very important to get pregnant safely and healthily. For this, it is necessary to wait at least 18 months after sleeve gastrectomy.

It is useful to be prepared for these changes as the body will go through many difficulties after surgery. Sleeve gastrectomy and pregnancy Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is usually performed according to the body mass index.

In cases where the body mass index is 35 and above, a surgical slimming method is recommended for people. Procedures are determined and the amount of food and drink of the person is limited. With these processes that help control hunger, the person gradually begins to get used to the new order. By removing the cut part of the stomach, the person can consume only 1/10 of the food he ate before surgery.

Sleeve Gastrectomy and Pregnancy

Sleeve Gastrectomy and Pregnancy 2024

Who is Suitable for Sleeve Gastrectomy?

When sleeve gastrectomy surgeries were initially under development, they were only performed for people with advanced obesity. However, as time progressed, the methods began to increase and successful results were obtained. This has made it a feasible operation for all people. Especially for people who have fertility problems due to their excess weight, we can say that it has been a complete solution.

Does Fertility Increase After Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Excess weight also has separate complaints for women. Because being overweight is one of the conditions that reduce fertility. Excess causes major changes in hormone levels in the body. Does fertility increase after sleeve gastrectomy surgery in such problems? question. So much so that excess weight negatively causes irregular ovulation and even the inability to ovulate.

In addition to all this, it is also risky for women who are close to the obesity limit to get pregnant. It causes difficult complications both for pregnancy and during childbirth. Despite this, wanting to get pregnant will be a negative situation for the health of both the woman and the baby. The most important thing for those who want to have children will be for them to lose weight.

There have been many people who have tried to lose weight with natural methods. Despite this, surgical methods are the solution for people who have not been successful and have not achieved what they want. One of them is, of course, sleeve gastrectomy.

People who undergo sleeve gastrectomy and then follow the instructions can easily lose weight and become pregnant even faster. The hormone level will reach the level it should be and ovulation functions will become regular. Of course, fertility increases accordingly. Since sleeve gastrectomy and pregnancy are interrelated health conditions, it is useful to keep them in balance.

Tüp Mide Ameliyatı Sonrası Ne Zaman Hamile Kalınır?

When to Get Pregnant After Sleeve Gastrectomy?

In the researches conducted so far, it has been seen that the health problems that prevent ovulation are corrected with sleeve gastrectomy. There are things to consider with the facilitation of the process of getting pregnant thanks to sleeve gastrectomy.

For this, first of all, when to get pregnant after sleeve gastrectomy? It is one of the most noticeable and emphasized topics. It is absolutely necessary to avoid pregnancy for 12 – 18 months after surgery. Because the measures to be taken after the surgery put the pregnancy at risk. Since excess weight will be lost after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, getting pregnant in this process will adversely affect both the mother and the baby.

If the desired and required weight is reached, there is no harm in the person getting pregnant. Being at a healthy weight is very important for everything to go as usual throughout pregnancy. For patients who ask the question “Does sleeve gastrectomy affect the baby during pregnancy?”, of course, the answer will be as clear as the answer we give to the mother. This process greatly affects both the mother and the baby.

Can you get pregnant after sleeve gastrectomy?

With these in mind, you should act in a way that does not put your health and pregnancy process at risk. Because during the weight loss phase, both the baby’s health and the mother’s weight should be normal. This is only possible when the rules set for pregnancy are applied after sleeve gastrectomy.

Can you get pregnant after sleeve gastrectomy?

Excess weight sometimes begins to appear and annoy after pregnancy. Therefore, do women who give birth have sleeve gastrectomy surgery after pregnancy? He often asks his question. Because the excess weight gained during pregnancy sometimes makes it difficult to return to normal life. This increases the tendency of women to turn to different operations.

Of course, sleeve gastrectomy after pregnancy is possible after 2 months. However, taking into account the importance of breast milk, we argue that it should be waited at least 6 months. Clinic Care Center answers all the questions about sleeve gastrectomy and pregnancy for you from whatsapp. Therefore, it is possible to reach all the details about the operations about sleeve gastrectomy or pregnancy.

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