Restoring Your Smile: Effective Solutions for Broken Tooth Repair

Restoring Your Smile Effective Solutions for Broken Tooth Repair

It is important to treat broken teeth, which are very bad for appearance and health. Broken tooth treatment is carried out professionally by clinic care center.

It is very easy to treat broken teeth that occur suddenly and that many people encounter. The company eliminates the situations that patients are uncomfortable with the broken tooth treatment methods it applies.

Physicians first perform a detailed examination to determine whether the tooth fracture can be treated. As a result of the absence of any problems in the tooth and jaw, the necessary procedures for treatment are initiated by the clinic care center company.

As a result of the examinations made by dental health experts, cavities are shown among the general causes of tooth fractures. It is likely that the decays that occur are easily fractured.

Broken Tooth Treatment Methods
Broken Tooth Treatment Methods

Broken Tooth Treatment Methods

Many different methods are used to treat broken teeth. Clinic Care Center looks at the condition of the teeth and offers the appropriate treatment method accordingly.

Thanks to the methods applied, the return of teeth is realized at a high rate. However, in case of excessive tooth decay, the only method is tooth extraction. If general information about the broken tooth treatment methods applied by the company is given;

The most preferred method among the methods applied to treat broken teeth is the leaf porcelain method. It gives a natural tooth appearance by gripping the tooth tightly. Generally, this method is applied by the company for the treatment of broken front teeth.

After the occurrence of tooth fractures, it is very common for the teeth to become infected. For this reason, the application of canal treatment has a very important place in terms of both removing the infection that occurs in the teeth and saving the tooth.

With the root canal treatment applied by the Cliner care center company, the tooth is prevented from being extracted and a suitable environment is prepared for the procedures to be applied to the tooth later.

Bonding method is one of the most popular methods applied by the company recently. It is especially effective in treating small fractures and cracks in the front teeth. In this method, aesthetic filling is applied to the tooth, making the tooth more robust and beautiful to look at.

Crown treatment is of great importance in terms of repairing large and advanced fractures and making them usable. With the crown treatment applied to broken teeth, the tooth is strengthened and the bad appearance is eliminated.

 treatment of broken front teeth.
treatment of broken front teeth.

Types of Tooth Fracture

When it comes to tooth fracture, the first thing that comes to mind is the separation of a piece of the tooth. However, there are different types of tooth fractures and different treatment methods applied to these fractures.

The company carries out professional studies in the field of tooth fractures and tooth fracture types and applies all necessary treatment methods. If the most common types of broken teeth are explained;

In cases such as fracture of the tooth from the meat part, the teeth become infected and can only be seen with the help of X-rays. In such cases, the company performs detailed oral examinations of the patients, takes X-rays and makes the diagnosis.

Thanks to the regular checks carried out by the company, it is very easy to see the cracks in the teeth of the patients with the help of purple light and to make an early diagnosis. In this way, the tooth is treated without fracture.

It is generally not possible to treat teeth that break vertically from the center of the tooth towards the gum. While it is possible to treat broken teeth if they do not reach the gum, the only method for the treatment of fractures that have reached the gum is extraction. The company performs tooth extraction procedures in a painless and painless way.

Among the most common types of broken teeth is the fracture of the tooth tip. In this case, the tooth can be saved by filling the broken part of the tooth. However, if left untreated, tooth sensitivity occurs and this negatively affects the patient’s daily life.

Types of Tooth Fracture

Broken Tooth Treatment Prices

In terms of tooth decay treatment and other methods, broken tooth treatment is available at affordable prices. Clinic Care Center offers patients affordable options in terms of broken front tooth treatment prices.

Based on the size of the fracture and the treatment methods to be applied, there are slight fluctuations in prices. While more affordable prices arise when only filling is applied to the tooth, operations such as root canal treatment and aesthetic filling cause prices to rise.

It will be healthier to get information about the applied methods and prices by contacting the company. Necessary information about broken tooth treatment and prices can be obtained by contacting the contact address.

How long does it take to treat a broken tooth?

It takes 20-30 minutes.

Is root canal treatment performed on a broken tooth?

It is done according to the degree of fracture.

Is filling done if my front tooth is broken?

Our specialist doctors treat the broken tooth by filling or gluing.

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